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What's happening to Gmail?

Gmail is changing - what's new?

Gmail is used by over 1.4 Billion users, but has hardly changed since 2012, which is a very long time in the hi-tech world. So, I suppose that we shouldn't be surprised that a long overdue update is on its' way.

The update shouldn't change the actual format much, it should stay, visually, pretty much the same, but there will be additional features.

Be warned though, the change could mess some things up to begin with. I'm already getting reports from some of my clients that some standard features that aren't working, but I would imagine that things will right themselves after a few weeks. Don't Panic!

An important point to mention is that those of you who receive and post your emails through Live Mail or Outlook shouldn't be affected. The changes are for those that use the Google app or log into Gmail through their browser.

1. Attachments should now show in the subject line - where you can see them.

2. There is a confidential mode - to allow you to delete after a certain time.

3. You can use a "snooze" feature. This will remind you to answer a mail later on.

4. You'll be able to secure your mail better - requiring a text key to open the message.

5. There will be a safer way to unsubscribe from unwanted emails.

The new Gmail is being released in different countries at different dates, but if you want to try it, you might find the option appearing under your settings heading. Enjoy !

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