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What my clients' say:

Thanks for a very informative hour and a half workshop.


Definitely learnt some new things and you have given me confidence to play around with the phone camera.




I met Les at one of his smartphone workshops in Raanana and called him in to sort out some questions I had with my computer programs.​

He is an excellent teacher, patient and explains clearly without technical jargon.​

An honest man of his word, I recommend him and will be calling him back whenever I need further assistance.

Dr Z.W


"I learned so much!!" was the phrase quoted most by the 21 participants who attended the ESRA Givatayim meeting with Leslie Rose of  last Wednesday. Leslie gave us an invaluable lesson on how to take the best advantage of the camera on your smartphone.

We learned such things as how and when to use the flash on the phone; how to set up the grid for a better-balanced picture; that you can snap the picture with the volume buttons.... and so much more!!!

Leslie is charming, informative, patient and very knowledgeable, and .... an efficient furniture mover!
Libby Spiro was a most gracious host and just being in her home is a special treat. A big thank you to both Leslie and Libby.

H.S. Givatayim.

I have been struggling to put out a story and an appeal that is very important to me and to see it resolve successfully. When I asked for recommendations for someone who can help me navigate the various sites and create the appeal, Leslie Rose was the name that came up. I couldn't be happier with his quick response, time and patience. The post went up tonight. Thank you Leslie for making it happen.

S.J. Raanana

Leslie arrived exactly at the time agreed and managed to solve my fax and photo's back-up problems. 

He explained to me how everything worked and how to use the photo's app to see all my pictures on my smartphone, tablet and computer.

He even set up my streamer so that I can watch my favourite UK TV channels! 


I definitely recommend him.



Kfar Saba

Leslie is amazing. He is a very professional, knowledgeable, patient, and great communicator. He answers all my questions and explains things in a very clear manner and goes at my pace.


He has demystified everything from shopping, listening to and downloading music, online safety and security, “The Cloud”, storing and sharing photos, taking care of my computer, and a whole lot more.


My laptop is now organized and I know how to find what I need easily instead of searching around for ages and not finding files. I can now do so many things with my smartphone I couldn't do before.




Leslie is a fantastic teacher. He's supportive, ambitious, I enjoy his classes.

He's helped me so much, learning on my iPhone all the best interesting possibilities out there for us 'younger generation'.

His patience and repetitious answers are a blessing. If needed he'll repeat as often as needed.
He also has a newsletter with new APPs and tips each and every month.



 Personal coaching and tech support for the over 50's
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