Looking for Free UK TV ?

Quite a few of my clients are Vatikim who still like to watch English language TV, and none of the digital ,HOT or YES channels have the answer. TVmucho is a legal internet TV channel that offers UK TV, BBC and ITV plus more, for a very low cost or free. Including Catch-up. You sign up and can immediately watch up to 1 hour of TV for free. You can also decide to subscribe to the channel for less than 5 euros a month and enjoy UK TV with about 30 channels (some are not so good) 24/7 including catch up and recording. No need for a VPN, just use your normal browser. I've found that it works just as well on most of them. You do have to remember that if you take the free option then it will cut o

Which is best free chat and video app?

While most of us have "unlimited" phone call, data and SMS deals on our smartphones, these apps have a number of serious advantages that make them basic apps for every phone. But with these phone deals, why do you need additional apps? Well, let's start with SMS, or text messages. While we all have SMS messages on our phones, nowadays it's almost solely used for advertising, updating by our credit card payments or parking apps. Very few users send SMS text messages because it's not "user friendly", and it's very limited in its' functions. You can only send text or mms (data ) files. It's also not very secure. The three most popular texting apps are those listed above, Facetime, WhatsApp and

Taxi? Get Raxi !

Do you use taxis in Israel? In the beginning there was Gett Taxi, then came Rider and Uber. In the beginning taxi's came really fast too, but recently they have been more difficult to find. So here's the reason. All three of the above app companies charge the taxi drivers a commission for supplying passengers, and slowly increased their charges, so the taxi drivers were switching from company to company to get the cheapest deal. Now we have a new app and It's called Raxi. This one is run by the taxi companies themselves and doesn't charge the drivers any commission so it's the app the drivers prefer. You'll find more taxis and quicker service through Raxi as the drivers are deserting Gett, a

What's happening to Gmail?

Gmail is used by over 1.4 Billion users, but has hardly changed since 2012, which is a very long time in the hi-tech world. So, I suppose that we shouldn't be surprised that a long overdue update is on its' way. The update shouldn't change the actual format much, it should stay, visually, pretty much the same, but there will be additional features. Be warned though, the change could mess some things up to begin with. I'm already getting reports from some of my clients that some standard features that aren't working, but I would imagine that things will right themselves after a few weeks. Don't Panic! An important point to mention is that those of you who receive and post your emails throug

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