Gone Phishing ?

Phishing is when some nasty people try to trick you into revealing your log in details for your bank, email etc. Click here for a interesting quiz and see how you do.

Avoid Scams - email and spam

Let's start with the basics, because this is a problem that we all suffer from in one form or another. So what is spam? Spam is unwanted emails that we receive and contact from people that we don't know. What it isn't is newsletters that we've subscribed to, or agreed to receive, and we no longer want. These two types of emails should be dealt with differently, and there is a new type of spam that I'll discuss afterwards. If your unwanted newsletter is one that you have subscribed to, and it's legitimate, there should be an " unsubscribe" link either at the top of the email or ( partly hidden in small print sometimes) at the very bottom along with the address details of the sender. This is a

Avoid Scams - Buying & Selling

As more and more of us are going online to buy or sell products, we have to be aware that there are some basic precautions that we have to take to prevent falling foul of those nasty scammers that are waiting in the shadows to pounce. Over dramatic? Probably... True? For certain. Here are some basic precautions that I recommend you take: Avoid giving your credit card details online. The main purpose of these websites is to sell product, the credit card security is either secondary or farmed out to a subcontractor. Unfortunately even the best websites get their customer databases hacked, so always try to use a payment system, like PayPal, where their prime objective is to keep their clients d

How to avoid being scammed

Just over a week ago I sold an item on Facebook marketplace, and received quite a number of responses. As standard procedure I checked the profiles of the people who contacted me and discovered a number that contained very little in the way of personal details and two that were completely new. The two new ones reminded me just how easy it is to create false profiles and how vulnerable we all are to online scams. So, having had the thought, I will dedicate the next number of posts of this revived blog to pass on tips on how to avoid being scammed. I'll divide the posts by channels. That is to say that I'll post by subject, covering Buying Online, Email scams and spam, Phone scams and others.

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