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Seniors learning how to use an iPad

Check out my Keep It Simple videos

Clear instruction and explanation videos made just for our age group!

I'm Leslie Rose, a personal coach for Seniors for computers, smartphones, the internet, and technology products. 
I'm waiting for your call....

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WhatsApp: +972(0)54 574 6990


Phone: 054 574 6990

Computer problem? Call me
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Those of us who weren't born in the technical age often need guidance in using smartphones, tablets, and computers, without jargon and with clear and patient explanations and guidance.


If you are frustrated with technology, or if your children would like a professional to assist you, I can help.

With 10 years of experience tutoring seniors, I have the knowledge, experience, and patience required.

I can visit you at home or coach you online with Zoom, Duo, or Facetime with remote access so we can work together at your pace.

I specialize in assisting seniors, over the age of 50 with no upper limit. No offices or businesses only real people.


Don't forget to check out the free Keep It Simple videos where I give easy to follow, jargon-free explanations and how-to guidance.


Check out what my clients think of my coaching, click here. 

Download the remote access program by clicking here
Skype suit all devices and is just as good as ever for online coaching
If you have an iPhone or iPad we can work together online.
Zoom is the way for online presentations or just one to ones.
Excellent video and so easy to use, Duo is a favourite of mine.
I can guide you online with Meet
Online problem solving and guidance:
If you have a PC, Laptop, Mac or Chromebook call me to guide you.
Store and edit photos and videos.
Shop online safely and securely.
Alternatives to Word & Excel etc
International TV & Netflix etc. 
Installing printers 
Advice and coaching.
Printer playing up, I can help.
Coaching for users of PC's amd Mac.
From Android to ZTE, iPhone, iPad, Samsung, LG, HTE Xiaomi, Huawei or
Meizu etc
Connect your phone to your TV, watch Netflix,YouTube nd more
Simplify the dashboard, protect your passwords, downloading and installing apps. Photos and storage,
travel apps and maps.  Setting up Chromecast for streaming.
Updates and
any other questions.
Smartphones can be so easy to use, if you set them up correctly
 Personal coaching and tech support for the over 50's
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