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How to avoid being scammed

How to avoid online scams

Just over a week ago I sold an item on Facebook marketplace, and received quite a number of responses. As standard procedure I checked the profiles of the people who contacted me and discovered a number that contained very little in the way of personal details and two that were completely new. The two new ones reminded me just how easy it is to create false profiles and how vulnerable we all are to online scams.

So, having had the thought, I will dedicate the next number of posts of this revived blog to pass on tips on how to avoid being scammed. I'll divide the posts by channels. That is to say that I'll post by subject, covering Buying Online, Email scams and spam, Phone scams and others.

I hope these tips, and the advice I give, will help prevent any of you making any expensive mistakes and reduce your vulnerability. Unfortunately, scams are no longer things that only other people fall victim to.

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