Travelling overseas? Keep WhatsApp in Israel

If you're travelling abroad,it's difficult to know which is the best way to pay low rates for smartphone calls and data, but still keep in touch with friends in Israel. Here's the best way to enable your friends still to keep in touch with you, and you with them. In the course of coaching over 50's on how to use their smartphones and computers, I come across a lot of clients who don't know what to do to keep in touch with their families whilst abroad, and how to make local phone calls at reasonable rates. Without changing your arrangements, roaming charges will mean that you'll get a very large bill when you return home. Quite a few people buy expensive International phone call and data pack

Improving your phone battery life

Nothing is more annoying that having your smartphone battery " going flat" in the middle of the day, or even in early afternoon. It's crucial when buying a new phone to ensure that the battery is large enough, in capacity, to last a full day. The rule is that the bigger the screen the bigger the battery you need. You should a phone with a battery of +3000 mAh if possible. Let's say that you don't want to buy a new phone, and you need to get the maximum out of the one you have. There are a number of actions to take, starting with the screen brightness, and they are all in the Settings section of your phone. The bigger the screen the heavier the drain on your battery, so try adjusting the bri

Storage Full? No problem...

One of the questions that I'm frequently asked at my over 50's talks is about what to do if you get a " storage Full" notification on your smartphone. It's usually caused by too many photos filling up your memory. You could back up to iCloud, Dropbox or one of the other storage systems, but the best one to use is Google Photos. Why is Google Photos better? Well, for a start, if you correctly set it up on your smartphone you get totally unlimited storage for your photos, for ever. After you download it from the App Store/Play Store you need to check the settings are set to back-up in High Resolution (good enough to print upto A4 size photos) and check which folders you want backed up. Inc

ESRA Kfar Saba - Internet TV Talk

In a packed room in Kfar Saba on Sunday we had a really good meeting discussing how to watch UK TV free, or for very low cost, and the amazing Internet TV offers that are available. There are such a lot of options now that I hope I managed to clear any confusion. These new options can save you hundreds of shekels per month. Unfortunately they all have Hebrew only screens, unlike HOT or Yes. If you want to compare current offers/options, go to and they list all the packages and deals. Only in Hebrew, but Google Translate works well on the website. Cutting the cable cuts the cost !

Lively meeting in Rehovot

What a great morning it was on Thursday. I gave a talk on How to Take Better Smartphone Photos to ESRA Rehovot and we had a great attendance and a lively meetings with plenty of interested members asking questions all the way through. It's always a good feeling when the attendees participate, and I look forward to the next time. Tech coaching for the over 50's ! Thanks, Rehovot !

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