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Storage Full? No problem...

One of the questions that I'm frequently asked at my over 50's talks is about what to do if you get a " storage Full" notification on your smartphone. It's usually caused by too many photos filling up your memory. You could back up to iCloud, Dropbox or one of the other storage systems, but the best one to use is Google Photos. Why is Google Photos better? Well, for a start, if you correctly set it up on your smartphone you get totally unlimited storage for your photos, for ever. After you download it from the App Store/Play Store you need to check the settings are set to back-up in High Resolution (good enough to print upto A4 size photos) and check which folders you want backed up. Include WhatsApp photo and videos. After the photos are backed up, look at the settings again and click on" free up space". This will tell you how many pictures have been securely backed up and you can delete them from your phone, freeing up space for more. You will be able to see the same pictures on your PC or Mac when you log onto Photos via your Chrome browser.

Google Photos also has a great indexing system too, but that's another story....

Do you have the Storage Full notification?

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