What are Israeli's buying online?

Israelis averaged two online orders per second during 2017, according to data from the Israel Postal Company, with the nationwide total coming to 61 million packages, 15 percent more than in 2016. Clothing and shoes, housewares, accessories, gadgets, vitamins and cosmetics topped the Israeli shopping list.

Cheap phone calls in UK & Europe

Holiday time is upon us and I've been asked for the best and lowest cost way to get mobile phone access and international calls whilst you're travelling around Europe and the UK. So far, the simplest, cheapest and most flexible deal I've found is with the company "Three". They offer a SIM FREE deal with a free Sim card and pay-as-you-go deal where you can load the sim with ten pounds of credit, for calls or internet, and the balance remains valid as long as you use it every 6 months. Details here. No paying out hundreds of shekels which you lose after a month, like some local deals. Incidentally, they allow calls all over Europe, and Israel, at the same rate, so it's a good deal for visitors

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So what do smartphones, life and computers have in common?

None of them come with instructions!

I can't help with life problems, but I can make dealing with your smartphone and PC easier :)