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There's a new camera app for Android

A lot of my clients are keen photographers and with the newer smartphones, the quality of digital photographs is really tremendous, and it's easy to edit the pictures too.

One of the great advantages of using a digital camera, like your smartphone, is that you can upgrade to a better camera app just by downloading from the PlayStore or App Store.

Well, this time Android has done it without asking. Those of you who have a fairly new Android smartphone may have noticed that the icon for the camera has changed. This is the new Android camera app that now has a professional setting which allows you to set the exposure just like on a "normal" camera. It also adds the grid and auto or manual HDR.

If you've attended my talk on taking better smartphone pictures you'll remember that these two features assist in getting the best composition of your pictures and taking pictures against a brighter background.

These features were not included in some earlier versions. If you are not updated automatically, check out the PlayStore to download it free.

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