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Taxi? Get Raxi !

Do you use taxis in Israel?

In the beginning there was Gett Taxi, then came Rider and Uber. In the beginning taxi's came really fast too, but recently they have been more difficult to find.

So here's the reason. All three of the above app companies charge the taxi drivers a commission for supplying passengers, and slowly increased their charges, so the taxi drivers were switching from company to company to get the cheapest deal.

Now we have a new app and It's called Raxi. This one is run by the taxi companies themselves and doesn't charge the drivers any commission so it's the app the drivers prefer. You'll find more taxis and quicker service through Raxi as the drivers are deserting Gett, and Rider has pretty well died. There are still freelance drivers using Uber, but Raxi seems to be the future.

The really good news is that you can download the app from the App store/Play store and it is in English and really easy to use. Here's the link to their website, in Hebrew .

Any questions? Contact me and I'll get back to you with the answers !

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